“We are a family…”

If we were an ordinary agency or these lines were a quote from a boring job interview, that would probably be the first sentence; we are a family(!)… Yet, we are Jobs Studio and our motto is;

Your Dream Jobs!

Of course, we are a group of people who came together to produce but to add value to being together and creating happy moments above all, we have to add some fun to this job. After all, we are successful chiefly hence forth.

How goes it?

Each employee working for Jobs Studio has Private Health Insurance in addition to SSI.

Happy birthday!

As a birthday present to our employees, we give “Birthday Day Off” present.

So, do you go on vacation every year?

Our whole team is on vacation for 1 week every summer!

Can't you stop without learning?

We support the training of our employees in line with their request, thanks to our personal development fund.

So, what do you prefer to watch outside of work?

 We all have subscriptions to platforms such as Netflix / Mubi by Jobs Studio.

You mean unlimited music, unlimited fun?

Finally, each of our employees has subscriptions to music platforms such as Premium YouTube, Premium Spotify, etc. by Jobs Studio.

Our Team

Batuhan Berk Yaşar

Agency Chairman

Ural Çalışkan

Executive Creative Director

Sena Özşimşir

Creative Group Head

Bahadır Başkurt

Creative Group Head

Burcu Okurgan

Project Group Head

Mustafa Karasu

Production Group Head

Serdar Aydın

Digital Group Head

Bengisu Arda

Customer Relations Specialist

Öykü Çalyan

Brand Manager

Selen Tosun

Int. Brand Manager

İlknur Özkan

Business Development Director

Burcu Duman

Art Director

Melisa Beyazkılınç

Jr. Art Director

Zeynep Geçgel

Graphic Designer

Ezgi Bilge Aykut

Graphic Designer

Ecem Okatan

Web & Digital Marketing Specialist

Selin Tekin


Gül Gençer


Sıla Arslan


Melih Özbay


Burçin Şenkal

Project Production Coordinator

Berat Gedik

Support Team

Aysun Duman

Support Team